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Additional Videos of Readings with my father, KEN OGREN from my books

are also under the "Books" tab - Choose Life  choose-life.php

Psychological Shamanism 

Video 1 - Introduction to Psychological Shamanism - see video below -

Webinar Laughing with Spirits -  September 2019 - Follow link to Noetic.org https://noetic.org/

then under "Experience" click on "Noetic Global Gatherings" then scroll down to "Previous Global Gatherings" and "Laughing with Spirits" - You may need to create an account to be able to see the video. 


Time to Transform Time -

Part 1 - introduction, history of linear time, circular time and event time.  

Part 2 - demonstration on how slowing down helps you achieve what you want easier and quicker.  

Part 3 - Community time, cluster time and shamanistic time. 

Unitarian Universalist Sunday Services - see videos below 

Creativity - Exploring how creativity is a vital aspect of spirituality and mental health. 

UU Diner - highlights the Unitarian Universalist 7 principles and explores the question - can you be open and accepting of all people and also set limits?

Saying Yes to Life (for 97 years and counting) - An interview with my father (Ken Ogren). Exploring his philosophy of seeking out new experiences and discovering the joys of life at 97 years old. 

Practicing Love - UU congregation of Lake County - October 7, 2018  - follow this link to their facebook site.


Celebrate Life: Exploring the Joys and Rewards of living as a Unitarian Universalist. August 26, 2018 UU Community of Lake County. Service with Ken Ogren, my 99-year-old father. - follow this link to their facebook site.  https://www.facebook.com/uulakecounty/videos/2099444556982417/

Psychological Shamanism 

Introduction to Psychological Shamanism with a demonstration of how changing your brain state changes your relationship with yourself, other people and the spirit world. Includes stories of hope for the future and an overview of a style of Shamanism for Western Culture.  


Time to Transform Time Part 1:

Linear Time and how it was invented

By Jan Ögren, MFT 

Linear Time controls how we think and what we believe about the world. It also creates tremendous stress as we struggle with “not enough” time to do all we need to. It is a pervasive cultural belief – but it is only one way of viewing the world.

 Time to Transform Time Part 2: 

Slowing Down to get Where You Want to go Faster. 

The more we slow down, connect with ourselves and are in balance with the world the easier it is accomplish all we want to do, experience more energy and enjoy our lives. This video demonstrates principles from Aikido (a Japanese, non-violent martial art) that help us to blend with the world, instead of fighting it. 

 Time to Transform Time Part 3: Beyond Linear Time - other Forms of Time 

By Jan Ögren, MFT 

 Creativity: A nice concept or a vital spiritual necessity?  

By Jan Ögren, MFT 

 UU Diner – a fun way to learn about Unitarian Universalism

Written and Narrated by Jan Ögren, MFT

Unitarian Universalist Petaluma  November 29, 2015

Saying Yes to life for 97 years (and counting)

Ken Ogren speaking - with Jan Ogren   

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