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Psychological Shamanism

Safety and Protection Handout

Overall I have found my contact with spirits, nature and universal energies to be extremely beneficial and life transforming. 
I am offering these suggestions for people who have had unpleasant experiences or those who want to feel safer to explore the non-physical realms. I encourage you to always check with yourself and follow your own intuition. 
(I use the word "spirits" to refer to that which is beyond the physical, please feel free to substitute the names you prefer for the divine or mystical in life)

       BASIC CONCEPT: Protect yourself from spirits as you would from a physical person.  The Mescalero Apache Medicine Man I trained with emphasized that spirits are not that different than physical people. Some of them are helpful and some are harmful and some are a mix of both. Pay attention to what fits for your and your emotional, physical and spiritual health. This applies to both spirits, spiritual teachers and anyone/anything you encounter in your life. Just because something comes through the spiritual/energetic world does not necessary mean that it is wise or helpful. The spirits I work with are respectful, humorous, encouraging and we have a mutually supportive relationship. They are just like good friends. They  help me by guiding me and keeping away random spirits and energies that would distract me or use my energy in ways that doesn't fit for me.  


       If it feels harmful, tell it to go away and that you don't want to interact with it.        

       Put protections around yourself. 

       Visualize barriers around you, especially when you sleep.

       Listen to yourself and your intuition.  

        If you don't feel comfortable doing something, STOP, check with your intuition or Higher Self. Follow your inner guidance.

       Ask for help from someone more experienced with spirits.

       If you are working with a human teacher pay attention to how centered and full of love they are, and how much they encourage you to listen and validate yourself. 

       Smudge: burn herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass or incense and use the smoke to cleanse yourself, personal or sacred objects and the space you are in.

       Pray and bring in positive spirits and ask for their help. 

       You are welcome to connect with my guides – they are willing to help people. Please contact me for an introduction or meditate and open yourself to connecting with them. 

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