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Psychological Shamanism

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At my writing retreat in Paris (April 2016), with the guidance of my spirit friends, I started exploring  “Psychological Shamanism.” It’s the method of working with the energetic/non-physical worlds that is specifically adapted for, and created by, western culture. I’ve trained traditionally with Native American teachers for over 35 years, yet as a westerner, I have always felt that I needed to embrace my own shamanistic traditions. Psychological Shamanism is a mystical practice that includes scientific knowledge, especially as it relates to brain function.  This new framework feels like a significant gift I want to bring forth to help transform human consciousness. 

Shamanism is a word, adapted from Tungus culture, used to refer to the practice of accessing physical and non-physical realms for the benefit of individual and community healing. (I am currently in search of a word from western culture to use instead of Shamanism in respect to the Tungus culture) 
Psychological Shamanism is the branch of shamanism best suited for European and Western culture. From Descartes to Darwin, from Socrates to Freud, Western civilizations have focused on the mind as a tool to explore the world. Like all shamanic tools the mind needs to be treated with respect and care. It has the ability to both cause devastating destruction and create profound innovations and enlightenment. 

- I feel it is crucial for Western Culture to embrace it's own unique form of shamanism. Every culture has it's mystical compass to help guide its people in relation to the whole planet. Western Culture has come dangerously close to losing this important feature. Science and industry have developed at a rate that has not allow the culture to fully comprehend the shamanistic nature of its great scientists and inventors: Di Vinci, Einstein, Edison and all the women in her story who connected with the mystical to aid their community. Westerns often have to search, as I did, in other cultures to learn the tools to bridge the connection between the spiritual and material worlds. There can be dangers to the culture, to the teacher and to the student when people step outside their cultures to explore the shamanistic realms. Therefore, I'm pleased to be part of the movement to make   the mystical path accessible within the Western cultural framework. 


Saturday, OCTOBER 15th, 10:00 - 5:00  

Creating Healthy Relationships With Spirits and Natural Energies

An Introduction to Psychological Shamanism

Friday NOVEMBER 4th, 10:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Connecting with your Calling

Do you feel there is something special you want/need to do in this life?

Are you wondering what that is?

Are you blocking yourself from following it? 

(or feeling blocked by the culture/society)

Would you like help, encouragement and guidance?

This workshop is for exploring what your unique gifts and presence are that the world needs to be whole and complete. Coming together in a small group creates a community for support - from the human, spirit and natural worlds. Following our own path encourages others to follow their unique path into the love, mysteries and abundance of both the physical and non-physical worlds. 

Saturday NOVEMBER 5th, 10:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Encouraging your Intuition

Have you ever felt an urge to do something, but discounted it, then  regretted it later? 

Do you want a clearer connection with both your inner and outer guidance?

This workshop offers methods and tools to expand your repertoire for listening and understanding your intuition. Which can include messages from physical and non-physical realms. We'll explore safety concerns and how to use discernment in listening to the messages. We'll have fun playing intuition building games and opening to more of the world's abundance. 

more information: http://www.noetic.org/earthrise/events

Both workshops contain an introduction to Psychological Shamanism. They can been taken together or separately. They are offered at Earthrise,a retreat center in the hills south of Petaluma, CA. http://www.noetic.org/earthrise 

A beautiful campus, with healthy gourmet meals and overnight accommodations for those who wish to stay, relax and enjoy the healing energy of the land. 


Next Workshops on Psychological Shamanism 

January 14th and 15th 2017

and April 28th 2017 


contact: Janowrites@gmail.com or (707) 544-7756 

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