Jan Ogren, MFT

List of Handouts - please click on the specific handout you want to view under the handout menu or use the link before each one listed here.

1. Safety and Protection Handout - lists a variety of techniques and tools to create a safe environment for exploring spiritual experiences and protecting yourself from unsafe or unpleasant encounters with non-helpful energy. 

2. Guidelines on Spirit Communication. - Suggested guidelines on distinguishing spirits/natural energies from one’s own inner voice. A list of the many different forms that communication can come though from the spiritual realm. 

3. Practice Suggestions - Suggestions for next steps in developing an ongoing relationship with spiritual/nature guides from the workshop on Laughing with Spirits: Creating Healthy Relationships with Spirits and Natural Energies. 

4. Spiritual Exploration Questions 

Helping Clients Integrate Their Spiritual
Experiences into Their Daily Lives

Spiritual/religious “therapy” was practiced for thousands of years before psychotherapy
was established and it has a wealth of resources to help our clients.
These questions are suggestions for opening and expanding the conversation with
clients around spiritual support. – They can be used when assessing the different types
of internal and external support a client has available to deal with their presenting
issues. – adapt them as it fits for each client and for your style.
First, learn what their spiritual language is. This can be within a religious context, or
more spiritual / nature based. Many people define themselves as “spiritual, not
religious”, so they might not have words for their beliefs. Spiritual often includes nature.
For people who identify as atheist or agnostic the words – ethics or values might fit best.
What type of religious/spiritual support do you have in your life?
Are there practices you have that help you connect to this support?
Are there groups, individuals, or books that give you support?
If the person doesn’t relate or is not comfortable with a spiritual/religious context you
can ask – Are there any breathing or meditation practices you have that help you center
or help you have a larger perspective on life or support you in being your authentic self?
Depending on the persons answer, you can ask questions to get more specifics if they
do have support.
And if they don’t have support currently you can ask them what would be helpful for
them now.
Additional questions - What religious/spiritual beliefs were you raised with and how are
they affecting your life now?

Are there any religious messages you have received growing up or from the culture that
are causing you difficulties, guilt, anxiety, or fears?
Have you ever had an experience that felt outside the “normal” everyday life?
Sometimes people have had incidents that are beyond the normal and I want to let you
know that that’s OK if it’s something you would like to talk about here.
People often report contact with something divine or connecting with ancestors and it’s
something that people from many different cultures have been doing for millennia.
Keep in mind that depending on the presenting issue there may be a spiritual or
religious aspect to it. 
Often spiritual experiences bring in love, total acceptance, and can be very supportive
for a person’s self-esteem and when dealing with trauma.
Issues of self-worth can often be tied to religious messages growing up.
Fears of death can be triggered by messages of damnation and hell.

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