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Psychological Shamanism

Guidelines for Spirit Communication 

Suggestions for distinguishing spirits from one’s own inner voice.

(I use the word "spirits" to refer to that which is beyond the physical, please feel free to substitute the names you prefer for the divine or mystical in life) 

Note: the most important question isn’t who or what is talking – but how helpful it is, how good the communication feels, and how much it fits your gath.

GATH = Guided on your path – the sense that what you are doing feels right for you to do – regardless of what society or others may say.


1.The message comes in a form or tone that sounds different than your inner voice.

2. The information is not something you could have known or were aware of.

3. The information is not something you want to hear or are comfortable hearing.

4. The message makes you laugh.

5. The communication brings tears to your eyes.


Messages can come in many forms


       external physical sensations – like hugs, nudges.

       Internal physical sensations – warmth in heart, excitement in stomach, headaches.

       Spatial sensations – feel something to your right or left, above or behind.

       Sounds - including words, music, humming.

       Visual - including lights, auras, flashes.

       Olfactory – smells that remind you of a person or an event.

       Tastes – which can include smells of food.

       Images  - these can be dreams – or seeing things in your head.

       Sense of knowing about a person, event or the future.

       Many other forms -  

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