Jan Ögren, MFT




This page is dedicated to helping people transform through love. My intention in creating this website is to offer ideas, information, encouragement and hope to those longing for individual and cultural change.


It is my belief and experience that it is easier and more sustainable to make changes based on love than on criticism. For example: when I work with people struggling with addictions (food, alcohol, drugs, relationships etc.) instead of focusing on why or how they should change their behavior I ask them: can you imagine loving yourself so much that you would naturally and easily make healthy choices for yourself?


I wrote Dividing Worlds to give an example of someone (Miranda) who was caught up in self criticism and the related indecision and low self esteem and how that can be transformed not just personally, but globally. 


The people, places and events in my novel, Dividing Worlds are fictional but the ideas are real and the transformational journey Miranda took is available for everyone.


It’s an exciting time to be a psychotherapist, shaman and story teller because we now have a large enough understanding of neural science to be able to reprogram the stories held within our brains. As Miranda experienced, the world is very different when the brain focuses on opportunities instead of threats. Imagine traumatic events becoming simply memories you can access (or not) at will. Imagine life stories of being a loser, unworthy and undeserving being rewritten neurologically to a story of being the beautiful, intelligent, creative being you truly are.   


There are many different techniques and approaches available for neural reprogramming. I am most familiar with EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) www.EMDRIA.org and DNMS (Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy) www.DNMSInstitute.com. Both methods allow me to guide people as they change their automatic responses from reactions, based on old experiences and beliefs, to new healthier responses. My experience is that the techniques tap into a natural healing mechanism within the brain that is not accessed until a person feels safe and is in a supportive environment (like psychotherapy).

- more to follow -  


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