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Psychological Shamanism

Magical Stories and the Power of Transformation

We can’t always change the external world, but we can change the story we tell ourselves about that world.


- Using “Once Upon a Time” helps remind me that it is only a story and I can change it.


- Using  “the story I am telling myself….” in relationships can help friends and family hear my feeling and make it easier for me to listen to their reality.  (from Getting the Love You Want – Hendrix)


- GATH or Gathing: Being Guided on one’s pATH.  The intuitive sense of being/doing what fits for me in the moment. Gathing one’s own life encourages others to follow their unique gath in life. 


Consciousness Transformational Model – Noetic Sciences - www.Noetic.org


Personal stories that support my gathing: (space for making notes)










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Note the words/stories that help you on your journey  (Stories are from Dragon Magic: Amazing Fables for All Ages).

1) NOETIC EXPERIENCE: Affirm and explore my Noetic Experiences: 

Stories: Cats Gift & Dragon Magic



2) EXPLORATION: Find a Practice that fits my life vs. continual seeking:

Stories: Hungry Ghost & Butterfly Girl



3) FIND A PRACTICE: Adapt and use that Practice as a means to encourage my gath:

Story: Anna, the Mirror and the Magician



4) LIFE AS PRACTICE: Focus on being part of the interdependent web of all life:

Story: First Medicine Circle



5) I TO WE: Maintain a positive view of myself as part of the larger whole in which I play a crucial role

Stories: First Winter Solstice and Dragon Magic 

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