Jan Ogren, MFT

 Psychological Shamanism

  Creating Healthy Relationships with Spirits 

and Natural Energies   


Saturday June 2nd, 2018       10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Institute of Noetic Science (IONS)   Earthrise Campus, Petaluma, CA 

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This workshop is co-facilitated by the Guardian Spirits at Earthrise. 

Have you ever felt a calling to go beyond the “normal” world? Or an urge to explore and expand your abilities and awareness into the spiritual/shamanistic realities? Are there ways you are blocking yourself from following it? Or feeling blocked by society?Would you like help, encouragement and guidance?

This one-day workshop focuses on exploring and creating healthy, fun and very helpful connections first with yourself, and then expanding to spirits, spirit guides, animal guides, and natural energies. It is based on the philosophy that all life is sacred, worthy of respect, and capable of communication. 

I will be sharing techniques and practical tools that I have learned in over thirty years of apprenticing with Native American teachers and healers, who use their relationship with the spirit world for both wisdom and companionship. I will also be drawing from my background in neuroscience and my expertise as a licensed psychotherapist to help us expand beyond the blocks and fears that prevent us from fully embracing the abundant world we live in.

 Gathering together in a small group creates a community for support - from the human, spirit and natural worlds. Following our own path encourages others to follow their unique path into the love, mysteries and abundance of both the physical and non-physical worlds.

This workshop includes an introduction to Psychological Shamanism which is the branch of shamanism best suited for European and Western culture. From Descartes to Freud, from Socrates to Einstein, Western civilizations have focused on the mind as a tool to explore the world. Like all shamanic tools the mind needs to be treated with respect and care. It has the ability both to  cause devastating destruction and to create profound innovations and enlightenment. This workshop will help you use your mind as a shamanistic tool for healing and enlightenment within a safe, respectful environment. 

The day will start with a ceremony of welcome and celebration for each person present. There will be in-depth explorations of what helps and hinders us in relating to guides and spirits. Within this safe environment will be time for sharing, questions, and a chance to normalize our natural capacity to connect beyond the accepted limits of the material world.

The workshop focuses on re-affirming our innate abilities to connect with our natural world which includes spirits and different forms of energy, such as the weather, Grandmother Ocean, Gaia, trees, and animals.  There will be a drum journey in the afternoon.

There will be a concurrent workshop for spirits who want to learn how to better connect with humans.  


Jan Ögren, MA, LMFT is an international author, storyteller, licensed psychotherapist, and medicine woman. She conducted a transformational ceremony at the 2015 International IONS conference and has been a member of IONS for over thirty years. She has apprenticed with Mescalero Apache and other Native American teachers learning how to walk in both the physical and spirit realms.  She is the author of Dividing Worldswhich was inspired by the spirits at EarthRise and Dragon Magic: Amazing Fables for All Ages. and Choose Life: Poetry, Prose and Photography in honor of her 99-year-old father's philosophy of life.


6 CEUs for LMFT, LCSW and LPCC

- $20 additional for CEU certificate 

see CEU page for more details on CEU program or Contact presenter for more information.

Comments from participants in past workshops:

 “Lovely, informative and playful.”

 “I learned to be open to receiving and to allow my imagination to run free and that it’s okay to be really weird!”

“All pieces work well together. I liked Jan’s stories and easy manner.”

“I learned how to trust my experiences, be open to creative imagination and opening up to the Earth.”

“What I liked best about the workshop was meeting people with like minds and hearts and hearing these people say what I’ve been feeling myself.”

“A validation and encouragement that I do have the capacity to communicate with nature spirits.”

Workshop is limited to 26 participants 




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Jan Ogren, MFT at 621 Cherry Street  Santa Rosa, CA 95404




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you can also contact me by phone or text at (707) 544-7756.

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Jan Ögren

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Cost: Early registration - 

$100 before May 18th 2018 

$130  after May 18th 2018

Additional $20 for 6 CEU certificate. 

Registration Price includes a delicious healthy lunch.   

If you are interested in coming before the workshop or staying after

you can add Dinner for an additonal $30 and/or Breakfast for  $15

Overnight Accommodations: Single Lodging: $150/person/night

Shared Lodging for two: $85/person/night

Earthrise is located in the hills just south of Petaluma, CA among oak forests and offers relaxing accommodations for anyone wanting to spend the night  - space permitting.  You can check out the accommodations at: http://noetic.org/earthrise/about/overview

Facilities and programs are accessible to persons with disabilities. If you have a special need and plan to attend the workshop, please contact Jan Ögren, MFT at JanOWrites@gmail.com. Please allow as much advance notice as is possible to ensure we have ample opportunity to meet your needs. 

Cancellation policy: 50% refundable if canceled more than 7 days in advance. Less than 7 days in advance the fee is non-refundable. You can apply your fee to another workshop minus $50 (to cover cost of registration and lunch). 



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