Jan Ă–gren, MFT


I'm a licensed psychotherapist, writer, and storyteller dedicated to transformation through love.

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November 12 

The Science of Stories, 

the Power of Transformation

November 29

Saying Yes to Life

December 4

Magical Stories and 

the Power of Transformation

MARCH 19, 2016


 Creating Healthy Relationships with Spirits and Natural Energies 

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The stories we tell ourselves create the world we live in. When we change the stories we change our lives.


I enjoy helping people live in balance and harmony  with themselves and others.

I am dedicated to facilitating a shift in consciousness on an individual and on a universal level. 


 (707) 544-7756


For psychotherapy related issues please contact me directly by phone - to make sure that I receive your message as soon as possible.

I welcome feedback about this website and about the ideas shared here. 

DIVIDING WORLDS was published in Brazil in September 2014 ! 

this is the cover in Portuguese -

Dividing Worlds 

A Parable for our times 

publisher - Barany 

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